[rF1-P4OW] F1@Olympic Games!

il y a 4 mois 2 semaines - il y a 4 mois 2 semaines #147812 par Pauwe
The P4OW Forum is pleased to present the 2021 Summer Special Event, dedicated to the Olympics!
You will have the opportunity to immerge yourself in 5 different disciplines, in a captivating and competitive Motorsport 'Pentathlon'.
You will find 90 cars, each with a different 'National' livery, and you can therefore represent the Country you'll choose, in search of glory.

Start of First event (1vs1 Tournament) is scheduled before the end of the weekend.
Here the trailer of the Special:

For more info, please visit our website: p4owrfactor.forumfree.it/?f=65023953 or Facebook page: www.facebook.com/p4owrfactor

Thanks, Pauwe.
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