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18 Jan 2021 23:49 #147008 par Pauwe
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The P4OW forum is pleased to invite you to our new F1 championship, called Free Championship, now in its 15th edition.
This season will last only 6 races, one every two weeks, and we will race on Thursday evening (GMT-9PM)
The cars have the physics of F1 years 50s-60s, as well as the engine sounds, the skins, and the drivers that make up the mod.
N.B. Aesthetically, the model is recent as you can see in the image.
The test race will be held on Thursday 21 January, while the first race of the championship will be on 4 February and the last on 15 April.

More Info via DM or at this contact links:
Discord: discord.gg/jB3Cmcf
Facebook: www.facebook.com/gaming/p4owrfactor
WebSite: p4owrfactor.forumfree.it/?f=65004556
Thanks for the space.

Pauwe (Admin P4OW)

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